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Importance of Legal Internships In Building Your Career

With the expansion of the legal field, job opportunities provided to students and professionals in the same area have also grown. Almost every month, new bills are being passed by the Congress, new policies are drafted and ordained in state governments, and these laws are getting more and more complicated. To prepare students with the legal work that they will be handling in the near future, they are often required to attend legal internships.

What are Legal Internships?

Theories taught in classroom are not enough to educate students who are taking law, law and enforcement, and some other courses relating to the legal field. For this reason, almost all universities, colleges, and paralegal institutions include internships as part of the students’ course curriculum. Before graduation, students will have to accomplish a certain number of hours in a real workplace doing secretarial works and the like. It’s like an OJT (on the job training) that is also required in some other courses. Majority of internships are without compensation but students can earn school credits and can add their experience on their CVs when they start looking for jobs in legal careers. Read more...